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The choice to tell without talking.

Expressive therapy allows the client to establish a distance between themselves and distressing reactions and to authentically express uncomfortable feelings, perceptions and thoughts. Through movements, words, visual images, sounds and rhythms clients are able to:

  • Focus on the present moment, identify emotional responses, and find the connection between emotions and body awareness


  • Make emotions visible and bring conflicting emotions together in a coherent image


  • Modulate emotional responses and find new ways to experiment with new responses to difficult feelings​​


  • Increase self-confidence and self-efficacy


  • Put emotional and non-verbal experiences into words in order to better understand them  

Researchers in the field of expressive therapy have recently completed a study in which they found evidence of the following: Clients in expressive therapy increase perception and self-perception, experience personal integration, discover emotion and impulse regulation, and bring about behavior change.  In addition, clients are able to increase their insight and comprehension. 

The Creative Connection 

The interplay among movement, images, writing, and sound opens us up to a free flow of thoughts and feelings



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